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Talking Happy Birthday GIMPS!!

Apologies to Neil Sedaka...

What happened to
the 10 million race?

We work exponents now
in a billion space!

The most successful
Computing project ever seen

It's GIMPS' birthday - sweet sixteen!

The internet
Was brave and new
And Mr. Woltman had in mind
Just what to do

Try Lucas-Lehmer testing
Numbers of size extreme!

It's GIMPS' birthday - sweet sixteen!

Congratulations everyone on 16 years of crunching! This is an amazing project to be a part of, and it makes us all part of mathematical history, whether we perform one LL test or one thousand! Sixteen years in internet time is 3-1/2 eternities, right?

Thank you, George, Scott, and all of my fellow crunchers. Long live GIMPS!!!
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