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I think I understand what you said. I don't agree. First, low voter turnout may rise questions regarding the democratic government's legitimacy, which may in turn favour undemocratic solutions - which are *always* worse for the absolute majority of the people. Second, voter apathy doesn't usually mean the people are generally satisfacted with their government; I'd say it seems, from what I hear from people here in Brazil, that they think any of the available options is equally bad. I think these two facts were present in the last French presidential elections: when ultra-right wing candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen presented himself as an alternative to the traditional parties represented by Lionel Jospin and Jacques Chirac, voters went there and took Jospin out of a runoff which seemed certain. Then Chirac got an overwhelming vote against Le Pen.

Finally: the way people show the government it's doing fine isn't staying home having a barbecue the day of the polls, is going out there and voting for them. At least that's what I do

Oh, and, to jasong's certainty that direct ("pure") democracy can't ever work: check this.

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