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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
Brunapargo, I don't think you understand what I'm saying. The United States of America has a strong, robust form of government, in my opinion. My beef is with the fact that the word 'democracy' has been redefined. There is more than one definition of democracy, our Constitutional Republic as one example, and the so-called pure democracies which don't last long because people always seem to want to try and get as much money in their pocket as they can. Since the poor and middle-class will always outnumber the rich, selfishness kills a pure democracy.

That's what my problem is. I don't want ignorant people to want to change our government to be more like a pure democracy. I think calling us a democracy increases the likelihood that something dangerous like this could happen.

That's my beef, in a nutshell. Somewhere, there's an ignorant person with a great personality who personifies my fears and wants to get elected.

I want to change what we're called so that people have one less stupid mistake to make.
The US, like the UK and many other countries is a representative democracy. The people elect representatives every so often and then (by and large) leave them to get on with it.

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