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Wait a minute. I don't think US democracy is perfect (an indirectly elected President? A gerrymander-elected Congress? Come on!) but saying it's *not a democracy* seems to me as going too far.

Let's think: there are people. On the one hand, people have senses and feelings and they can perceive the same senses and feelings in others; thus, we all tend to recognize in one another some rights (physical integrity, freedom of speech, of coming and going and so on). On the other hand, people are the original, legitimate source of power. Because of the simple fact that in any community larger than a few dozen people it seems impossible to have everyone participating equally in every decision-making, people recognize representatives to rule for them.

The reason why the US *is* a democracy is that, most of the time and before the current Presidency, the latter aspect (representative power = Congress) was prevented from denying the former (inherent rights = Bill of Rights). Without such fundamental provisions as the Bill of Rights or the UN Declaration of Human Rights (entrenched in at least one basic law I know of, the Brazilian 1988 Constitution), in places where only the "power" side of the equation exists, there isn't democracy, there's at best a tyranny of the majority.

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