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Originally Posted by Jacob Visser View Post
It was covered in my first sentence :
That is only because of the way that you interpret your loose usage of the language --
Quoting directly from your text,
The integer solutions are {-1,2}, {0,3}, {2,-1} and {3,0} and of course the solution [0,0]
Clearly, that is the ONLY place where you claim any solution(s).

Further, you had stated,
This simplifies the problem to find the integer solutions of x2+y2+xy-3x-3y=0 or y2+(x-3)y+x2-3x=0

No where do you state that it is the "OR" rather than the "AND" of the two conditions.

So, I do not think it to be a totally unreasonable reading of your statements to be that there is only one solution
the solution [0,0]
Please understand that my complaint is only with the method that you chose to present the "solutions". Because of multiple possible interpretations of the words, your answer lacks clarity.

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