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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman
As I said, writing the app merits respect.
Spending milliseconds of computer time to find a trivial result does not.
I think this is a prime example of diverging opinions. Some people think like that, others don't. I hope no one imagines that his/her own opinion is right, and all others are wrong. I would put this under "arrogance", frankly speaking.

We see here yet another instamce of the "instant gratification" generation in action.
It all depends on the perspective. From a OS programmer's point of view, you also just take what is there already. I'm quite certain that there are OS programmers who think of such "trivial" applications (no sophisticated device handlers, no low-level storage accesses, no extensive communication channels) likewise...

Personally, I typically use what is already there (and e.g. build on top of it). And I don't think that this should be called "instant gratification", only because I efficiently use existing ressources...
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