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Originally Posted by sivandahan7 View Post
Thank you for installation instructions,
It's looking good and working correctly !
But it's not working as I expecting,
According to "lscpu" command, I have 8 Cpu(s) and 2 threads per cpu,
Together it's 16 threads (this is the number I put on threads field of "yafu.ini" file),
According to "top" and "monitor" Ubuntu tools,
Actually I see yafu running on one cpu with 100% usage,
What about other cpus and why yafu does no use them ?
Do I miss something ?
Thanks a lot,
Thanks for the feedback. Only a couple things come to mind:

1. Make sure the yafu.ini file is in the directory that you are using to call YAFU.

2. Make sure that the threads line isn't commented out with a "%" symbol.

You might also try adding "-threads 16" (without quotes) to the command line and see if that works.
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