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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
@EdH : I think it would be extremely efficient to generate the tables for the different bases by making only the prime numbers >= 10^4 appear and which in addition to that, also appear at several indexes in the same sequence !
I'll be able to do this myself in a few days, but maybe for you it's not too complicated and I'll see the results a few days in advance...
No problem for me if you want to stop now and not generate these new tables, because all this is really a lot of work and requires really a lot of time !

I think I have it working, but we'll have to see. It definitely knocks the size of the files down. Here is the entire base2primes for the new filtering (if I have it right: primes >10^4 that repeat within a sequence):
prime 10111 shows up 4 times ( 76:i10, 416:i61, 416:i81, 506:i6 ).
prime 10613 shows up 3 times ( 148:i3, 148:i23, 516:i104 ).
prime 10667 shows up 3 times ( 111:i19, 405:i47, 405:i59 ).
prime 15121 shows up 5 times ( 220:i15, 270:i1, 309:i27, 540:i1, 540:i2 ).
prime 37517 shows up 3 times ( 219:i28, 219:i56, 467:i8 ).
Although base 2 shows only five primes meeting the criteria, base 3 has a few more at 1417.

I'm running a full set for all the tables in hopes it will be done when I get up in the morning. When finished, I'll upload the files so you can see what you think.
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