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Here is a full set of all the bases represented on the page. I forgot to add the latest lines of the sequences that have been updated within the last couple of days. I will try to fix that soon.

Here are the two primes mentioned above as listed in the new files:

base3primes 398581:
prime 398581 shows up 18 times (26:i1, 26:i2, 52:i1, 52:i2, 78:i1, 78:i2, 104:i1, 104:i2, 130:i1, 130:i2, 156:i1, 156:i2, 182:i1, 182:i2, 208:i1, 208:i2, 234:i1, 234:i2).
base3primes 797161:
prime 797161 shows up 19 times (13:i1, 26:i1, 39:i1, 52:i1, 65:i1, 78:i1, 91:i1, 104:i1, 117:i1, 130:i1, 143:i1, 156:i1, 169:i1, 182:i1, 195:i1, 208:i1, 221:i1, 234:i1, 247:i1).
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