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Welcome back, Jean-Luc! I hope you had a great time!

You are correct about both merges. Now I have to find out why my program wasn't. I seem to recall correcting this already. Maybe I used an earlier (incorrect) version somehow.

I stumbled around with a couple things in post 364 that might be of interest. I'm sure I don't have it written out properly, but I don't think the very last one is something that will actually turn up via data review, but it might just be a form of what you already found:
Additionally, that ai+1 is a factor of s(a(i*n)) (n, a positive even integer)
Basically, if I have this correct, ai+1 will divide evenly, the Aliquot sum of a(i*n), if n is a positive even integer.

Of course, I might be way off with something.

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