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Sorry for the late update, but I just came back from my vacation...
Page updated.
Thank you all for your hard work !
I ask you to please check if the updates concerning you are correct ?

@EDH : I think we need to modify merges for 2310 and 30030.
2310^1:i1 merges with 1578:i4
30030^1:i1 merges with 22518:i4
Should be :
2310^1:i0 merges with 1578:i3
30030^1:i0 merges with 22518:i3
Do you confirm that this change is correct ?

I will now be able to continue quietly to examine all the accumulated data. I will be refining and running my analysis algorithms over the next few days. I'll keep you informed if a conjecture should arise, hoping this time it's not already known !

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