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Let's break those issues down.

Originally Posted by EdH View Post must take care of the b2scale issue now. When I first encountered it it was crashing due to GMP-ECM having removed b2scale quite some time ago.
The B2scale option was removed with gmp-ecm 7.0. I'm still using the 6.4.4 so I never encountered this. There are two ways to resolve this. Add an ecm_version option to the ini file to accommodate users that for some reason use the older version or remove the B2scale options completely. The latter option seems to be the better one since the option is generally not required to run a 6.4.4 gmp-ecm. If there are no objections I'm going forward with this.

Originally Posted by EdH View Post
I'm using ecmpi (called by a bash script) instead of and have run into an issue. ecmpi does not recognize "-one," so it continues past the first factor to try to complete the factoring if possible. But, Aliqueit only finds one factor no matter how many are returned. I'm not sure if this is trouble with my conversion or if Aliqueit is only looking for one factor, since it sent "-one" out.
Could you send me a sample logfile produced by ecmpi so I can tune the factor retrieval?

Originally Posted by EdH View Post
As mentioned earlier in this thread, Aliqueit duplicates ECM work if any factors are returned, but they don't complete the factorization for that line. I'm not sure if addressing the previous item will minimize that.
I believe there is already an open issue for a similiar case from user Happy5214. When I started using aliqueit I couldn't use the -y switch to always use yafu and later didn't use it because it didn't use all the cores for some step (can't remember now). I'll have to delve into that part of the code again.
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