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okay . my method to calculate exponents of 2 is similar to used methods and it is slower than them . I am calculating all because maybe I catch a relation of them so I need a library
what did I do until now .
I achive 3 method to check primes . one is for twin primes and it is well known . one is primes and sont have advantag to clasicap method . one for 6 x k - 1 primes . in this method you dont use all primes until squareroot . but it cant reduce number of calculation.
I worked on goldbach 4 ways for even numbers 2 ways to odd numbers I also calculatwd numbers until 10^7 but no one doesnt explain infinity
I found a speciality of fibonacci numbers but I think it is known
I am working two geometrical shape can be related with primes
and some more
I must look my papers
I use simple maths for calculation
thats all :)

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