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Originally Posted by WraithX View Post
1) I know stage1_norm is used in -np1. Does it affect -nps or -npr?
2) I know stage2_norm is used in -nps and -npr. Does it affect -np1?
The stage 1 norm doesn't influence anything in stage 2.
The stage 2 norms don't influence anything in stage 1.
3) From the documentation, it looks like -t X is only used by -np1 and not -nps or -npr. Is this correct?
Correct, stage 2 is not multithreaded. Lionel has wanted multithreaded stage 2 for a long time, but the structure of the code would need some pretty fundamental changes to allow it.
I'm wondering if running -nps or -npr multiple times, with a fixed set of arguments, will always produce the same results? Or could those produce different polynomials because of different random internal states in msieve?
Stage 2 should be deterministic, there is no use of randomness
5) Are Murphy E scores directly comparable between degree 5 and degree 6 polynomials? I think not, but I want to be sure.
They're not comparable. The E-value is an integration times a degree-specific constant, and we don't know what the constant is; it would almost certainly depend on things like the size of the sieving region.
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