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Default Advice for large GNFS jobs?

Hello everyone, I'm planning on working on a 210-digit GNFS number here pretty soon. I'm using msieve (1.51) to do gpu poly selection right now. I see from the msieve.log that it expects to find an E value from 1.16e-015 to > 1.34e-015. Is this about what others have seen from their large GNFS jobs? Should I look for a poly with larger E? Also, how long would you estimate the sieving to take?

Can I also ask for advice on parameters and which siever to use? I saw that recently Dan Ee posted some optimized binaries for Win64. I plan to use those, but should I use the 15e, or maybe the 16e sievers for this size job? Should I use 2 or 3 large primes on the algebraic side? Should I use 2 or 3 large primes on the rational side? Over what range of values should I sieve for a job this size? What size matrix (dimensions and/or memory size) would we expect from a job this size? I have two large memory machines (48GB and 64GB), hopefully it will fit onto one of those. Will the answer to most of these questions depend on the best poly that I find? I'll ask more when I have a good poly in hand. Thanks for any advice and insights you can provide.
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