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I'll just attach what I have.
Good progress, so far.
Last line is
 1079 .  264453232670284331976633901625664441371708292876721152867259248247954468163837758665058640482771590876708963935296954 = 2 * 7 * 10729 * 777943193 * 2263151951569827617532564242722039084172616978774700396532383771656314128890021895862518392282885307963
(I started from "i1000")

I went to bed at c118, now it is done and going, going (c111 is in NFS in 12 threads).

P.S. I just hope that we are not advancing a random 120-digit sequence (due to a before-crash bug in the database - it's a possibility). Can someone stitch both sequences in their local file and verify with aliqueit from start to (current)?
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