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Come one; come all! The NPLB rally starts on LLRnet port 3000 and PRPnet port 9000 in just under 12 hours. (7 PM GMT)

Max, I think I'll load a little bit smaller range than our usual n=10K range into port 3000 to keep the 2 ports closer together for the rally, which makes things a little more fair. Here is what I would suggest:

I will load n=815K-820K in LLRnet port 3000. (I'll do that shortly now.)
You can load n=820K-825K in PRPnet port 9000 as soon as you can in the morning.

That should be more than sufficient but I/we should keep an eye on port 3000 just in case a major heavy player or 2 comes in on it. If so, we can quickly load n=825K-830K into it.

Target: Clean 'em both out. :-) That is, n=820K on port 3000 and n=825K on port 9000. Goals: About n=818K and n=822K respectively. Those should be good goals if Vaughan and Lennart add some more cores to the respective ports.

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