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Originally Posted by Mathew Steine View Post
I would like to reserve R192 to n=25K

Great! Completion of this and a few other reservations will complete all bases on both sides <=200 with CK<20K to n=25K. I think that will be a significant milestone. Many bases with CK=10K-20K have been a large amount of work to get to n=25K.

To all,

I've added a link to our 1st post in this thread to the posting that contains all bases <= 250 that have either 2 or 3 k's remaining at n<=50K. See it directly below all of the recommended bases. Max originated the post and we are working together to keep it updated. With all 1k bases <= 200 now nearly complete to n=100K, that will be a good place to look for work. Perhaps we'll end up with a few more 1k (or proven) bases. :-) Another place to look would be in the 1k thread to extend all of those bases 200-250 to n=100K.

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