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For consistency, I added all 2k & 3k bases <= 250 that are at n<=100K. If you are going to search some 2k & 3k bases that are at 25K to 100K, then we may as well have a list of all of them that are at n<=100K. All of the others were either at 40K or 50K.

I also corrected your S133 from 25K to 40K, which prompted the additions.

The one that is "most behind" where it should be vs. its neighbors with a similar # of k's remaining is the 2 k's on S72, which are at n=40K.

BTW, all of the 1k & 2k bases that you've reserved are already recommended in this thread. These types of bases are the ones that it would be nice to have pushed higher.


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