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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Great, thanks!

To itemize those:
S72 - 2 k's remaining at 40K
S133 - 3 k's remaining at 40K
S140 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
S157 - 3 k's remaining at 25K
S187 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
S217 - 3 k's remaining at 25K
R103 - 3 k's remaining at 40K
R158 - 3 k's remaining at 25K
R191 - 2 k's remaining at 50K
R213 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
R218 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
R236 - 2 k's remaining at 25K

Heck, if my quad can burn through those 1-k-remaining bases so fast (for some reason I was initially thinking that they'd take longer--not sure why), maybe I should just go for some of those instead. Tell you what--I'll reserve R181, R182, S140, and S187 to start with, if you don't mind sieving all that. (Note that they wouldn't have to be done all at once; I imagine even one core of your i7 sieving would be enough to keep up with my quad doing PRP if you do them one at a time and send them to me as they're ready.) That should clean up all remaining unreserved bases <200 with one k remaining at 50K, and then all unreserved Sierp. bases < 250 with 2 k's remaining at 25K.

Note that in all cases, I'd be stopping at n=100K: that means 50K-100K for R181 and R182, and 25K-100K for S140 and S187.
Sure thing. I'll just stick one core of the I7 on it in the next couple of hours. I'll see how long it takes to sieve one of them and let you know. If necessary, I might initially put a 2nd core on it to help you fill up your quad more quickly. But since sieving is only 5-10% of any total effort, 1 sieving core should well outpace 4 testing cores.

Thanks for the list. That might be a good list for others to work from also. Concentrating on bases <= 250 is good because all bases <= 250 with CK <= 10K have been or are currently being searched to n=25K. So it's virtually set in stone that there will be no more bases <= 250 with 1 or 2 k's remaining barring some miracle unknown super-heavy-weight base with CK > 10K that manages to prime all of its k's except 1 or 2. That seems virtually impossible.

BTW, I'll make a SWAG estimate at about 1-2 CPU weeks avg. on these for each k for n=50K-100K. So a quad could likely blow through them in 2-4 days each (for n=50K-100K on the 1k bases; add about 20% for each k for n=25K-100K). I think the 2 k's that I did for S218 for n=50K-100K took about 8 and 9 CPU days respectively. I ran them on one core each.


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