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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
OK, I'll start sieving R181 and R182 for n=50K-100K later today. Go ahead and post a regular reservation in the bases 101-250 thread. I'll show them as reserved by you in this thread.
Great, thanks!

These bases won't keep your quad busy for very long. The natural progression of things on your effort would make S208, R214, and R221 for n=50K-100K the next ones to tackle. S208 is heavier weight so would take longer unless a prime is found quickly. Let me know if you might be interested in those.

Another thing that I'd like to see tackled is the bases <= 250 that have 2 or 3 k's remaining that are only at n=25K. There are quite a few of those. It would be nice to see if we could add them to this thread (or prove them) by knocking out a k or 2 on them. That's something I'll probably start tackling myself over the next few months if others haven't done most of them already.
To itemize those:
S72 - 2 k's remaining at 40K
S133 - 3 k's remaining at 40K
S140 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
S157 - 3 k's remaining at 25K
S187 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
S217 - 3 k's remaining at 25K
R103 - 3 k's remaining at 40K
R158 - 3 k's remaining at 25K
R191 - 2 k's remaining at 50K
R213 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
R218 - 2 k's remaining at 25K
R236 - 2 k's remaining at 25K

Heck, if my quad can burn through those 1-k-remaining bases so fast (for some reason I was initially thinking that they'd take longer--not sure why), maybe I should just go for some of those instead. Tell you what--I'll reserve R181, R182, S140, and S187 to start with, if you don't mind sieving all that. (Note that they wouldn't have to be done all at once; I imagine even one core of your i7 sieving would be enough to keep up with my quad doing PRP if you do them one at a time and send them to me as they're ready.) That should clean up all remaining unreserved bases <200 with one k remaining at 50K, and then all unreserved Sierp. bases < 250 with 2 k's remaining at 25K.

Note that in all cases, I'd be stopping at n=100K: that means 50K-100K for R181 and R182, and 25K-100K for S140 and S187.

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