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Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
How come there is a set of stats at:

and another set of stats at:

I assume that the first one by kar_bon must reflect the manual reservation stuff??? And the second is the automated llrnet stuff????

Is there any centralized composite scoring for the nplb effort?
The stats at are both for manual work, and LLRnet work (there are separate scoring tables for each). It's essentially the "centralized scoring" that you're looking for. However, it is only updated manually, and not very often at that because it's a lot of work for Karsten to keep all his pages updated.

The one at is the live, automated stats, for Adam's port 300 server only. (The LLRNet stats, by contrast, include all servers, past and present.) So, the stats probably the ones you'll want to watch if what you're interested in is watching rankings and all that.

Sometime in the future we may have similar stats available for the port 5000 server (, but until then, port 5000 is only included in the manually-updated LLRnet stats.

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