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Finally got some more cores cooking on the llrnet "" port 300 server. Got some old and some new systems on it. Have a couple dual core 64-bit ones that still don't want to play nice with the llrnet though.

Being new to this effort, and not making any manual reservations, I am assuming that llrnet reports the prime results to the server and that the results do not need to be posted anywhere else? My intent is to just keep running through the llrnet server and not do any manual reservations.

@Anonymous - Thank you for the url for the sr5 llrnet client. That one pretty much solved the majority of my issues. Works just fine on the OpenSuse 10.1 thru 10.3 64-bit systems. I can't say the same for the mepis-64, as something is wierd with three systems running that yet. But I guess over the next few days I may just install OpenSuse on them and that will allow me to bring some more cores on board. :) Thank you again. :)
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