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Default Free crunchers to good home - GTX 970 & GTX 560

Each is dual fan.
  • The GTX 970 is an EVGA that (I think is the culprit) for crashes when I tried to game, but it can still run mfaktc steadily with no apparent issues.
  • The GTX 560 is ASUS, and had one or both fans replaced in the past. I think it works correctly now, but it's been a while since I had it plugged in.
I've used them for crunching most of the time I've owned them (dunno how long that is), but with my new RTX 2060 and the warmer months coming, I don't see the point of keeping them, so I thought I'd see if someone wants them for math purposes!

I don't think they'd be worth much on the market, because of the age and condition, but if you're willing to pay shipping from TX, you can have one or both. Let me know if you want more info/pics, or want me to try testing something specific with one.

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