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Default So... A possible regression from Fedora 34...

I tried running obs to record a meeting today.

It didn't perform terribly well. At one point it crashed, which caused a massive screen/window scramble period lasting about two seconds. I also can't access two of my three USB web-cams.

One of the side-effects of these types of crashes (which I remember experiencing while using Fedora 32) is every window is resized to be no wider than one screen. I regularly have windows spanning two if not three screens (all 1920x1080; one driven by the CPU' IGPU and two by a GeForce GTX 1050).

I suspect this might actually be an "upstream" bug, although I /thought/ Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS was /supposed/ to update to deal with these types of serious issues. Or, maybe, I'm just running an edge case with multiple monitors spread across multiple video ports exposed on the machine.

I'll work with what I have at the moment. It works "well enough" for my most common tasks.

But I may have to look at installing 21.04 (giving up on the LTS) to get the functionality I expect from my OS(s). Or, go back to another Distribution that delivers on my requirements.

Any thoughts from anyone on this? A fix beyond installing /yet/ another software stack on yet another set of storage devices would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Oh! Just to be ***very*** clear. This would only be work developer workstations running Desktop. Servers ***always*** run LTS.

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