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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
Although it's only one letter (difference in wording of "in" instead "on") where I thinks it's not worth to discuss, but I've done this:

I've changed the phrase on top of the table in "There are currently xxx entries".
A template for such information is not required I think, because:
- it's only a small notice
- it depends on the table if the notice is given by the DPL-command or with an own command (differs, too)
- this is only a quick notice for not counting by yourself
- this notice could be omitted, when looking at the category (the counting is given there)
And yes, such phase is not the only one in/on this Wiki.

The description is given in the page title and the line above, so no need to repeat it in that phrase again.

I've inserted 'scope="row"' for this DPL-command, too.
The lead wasn't addressed, so I took that into my own hands and expanded that myself. Some new members to the project might want an explanation as to why there are so many missing ranges.

Understood on the notice. I didn't know if the "in"/"on" was a typo or a common translation error, since I've seen it before (not necessarily from you, but I wanted to rule it out).

The DPL template still needs the exclamation point for the scope="row" to be useful. That's what makes it a row header (and semantically correct). You'll be able to override the default gray coloring using CSS.
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