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Default P-1 composite factor processing issue

Splitting composite factor 1180771434560658837993097742708585564114271908632033 into:
* 5057930432559607209809
* 233449520570633819891043649937
processing: P-1 factor 5057930432559607209809 for M3731081 (B1=14,000,000, B2=700,000,000) (72.099 bits)
CPU credit is 7.8239 GHz-days.
processing: P-1 factor 233449520570633819891043649937 for M3731081 (B1=14,000,000, B2=700,000,000) (97.559 bits)
Error code: 40, error text: You have already sent in this P-1 result for M3731081
Second factor is not properly recorded:
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