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Default Cat 0 DC is shrinking

Also related to the server updates for PRP not taking everything into account, the 200 assignment count for Cat 0 DC is setting the threshold based on exponents that have had one or more unverified LL done on them and no verified LL. It's not taking into account exponents that have been cleared by PRP, and the number of cases where that has occurred is going up. Some of the DC triple checks are now done with PRP, and I see at least one account that seems to be just changing all of their DC assignments from LL to PRP.

The end result is that there are now far fewer than 200 actual cat 0 DC assignments. At some point there won't be any and the cat 0 threshold will stop moving at all and will be below the cleared DC level if this doesn't get corrected. I imagine this is also having an effect on the other DC categories, but it's less noticeable than how it's affecting cat 0.
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