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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Thank you.

Something else I note about server behavior:
It will manually issue PRP DC assignments, and then very quickly treat them as cat 0 PRP first test assignments, not PRP DC (PRP-D), and expiring in 7 days from issue.
Frankly, I'm scared to touch that server code.

Question: Do the assignments actually expire in 7 days or are they just reported as cat 0's expiring in 7 days?

Much of the mess comes from retrofitting PRP into a server designed for an LL world. The server does not issue "PRPDC=exponent,..." from the web pages because old versions of prime95 and perhaps even current versions of gpuowl, msieve do not understand that worktodo.txt syntax.

New versions of prime95 do understand that syntax and only generate that syntax when the assignment is obtained using the PrimeNet API. Prime95 only uses the "DC" info for computing chance of finding a new Mersenne prime in the Test/Status dialog box.

The SQL tables on the server use work type 150 for both PRP and PRPDC. These should be split into two different work types but I'm positive that doing so will have ramifications in both the web pages and PHP results processing. Worth doing, but not a quick fix.
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