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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
How unusual is it to break 2^4 * 31? I don't think I've done it before tonight.

Edit: The sequence went 2^4 * 3 * 31 to 2^4 * 3 * 31^2 to 2^6 * 3 * 31, and picked up the downdriver a few terms later.
I scanned all the sequences for all the tables for the project page and came up with the following:

For 957 sequences that contain at least one 2n * 31 run, no matter the length, 74 of these sequences still have 2n * 31 within their last term, which leaves 883 which have broken it. I used values of 4 through 16 for n and this power may have changed within the run. I did not look for exponents for 31. If a sequence had more than one run of 2n * 31, only one was counted.
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