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Default Manual extension has no effect on expiration shown in assignments page

Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
The assignment extension page was written for manual reservations. Users doing manual tests have no other way to tell Primenet that they are still working on the assignment.
Here is an example of the extension page being ineffective at reflecting progress and at extending expiration date. It appears there are, at least in some cases, two expiration dates; the manual-extensions version, and the one at the assignments page which appears to be the one that matters. My recollection is the one that causes a manually assigned exponent to expire is the assignments page version.

Manual assignment, of a LL first time test, 83736397, made April 8 per
Manual extensions page says it was assigned 3 days ago, and has 177 days left to run before expiration;
my assignments status page says it has 4 days left until expiration (April 15). That's consistent with it being a Cat 0 LL first test assignment with no progress reported ever.
Current status of its CUDALucas run on a GTX1060 is
|   Date     Time    |   Test Num     Iter        Residue        |    FFT   Error     ms/It     Time  |       ETA      Done   |
|  Apr 11  10:02:42  |  M83736397  35150000  0xa5c2185009d1f3b7  |  4608K  0.18750   8.5259  426.29s  |   4:19:05:34  41.97%  |
So CUDALucas is projecting completion early April 16, the day after projected expiration.
Now use the manual extensions page to extend the exponent by 60 days.
The manual-extensions page refreshes and shows the extended exponent has 237 days until expiration, increased by 60 as expected.
Shift-refresh the assignments page,, and it shows M83736397 expiration there unaffected by the extension, still 4 days to expiration. The "last updated" field updated to show today's date, but no expiration extension occurred in what the assignments page shows.

There's no way to report progress so that remains blank or 0.0%. It would be useful if the manual results processing script would accept progress reports in CUDALucas console output form as in the example above, even if it was limited to accepting reports with iteration counts that were multiples of 1M or 10M. See also
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