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Default Prime95 PRP DC work preference set, PRP TC received, primenet considers it a PRP first-time

Switched an old i3 laptop from P-1 to PRPDC work type in prime95 V29.4b8 recently.
It finished its assigned P-1 and was assigned and began a PRPDC. Sort of.
Worktodo entry is PRP=(aid redacted),1,2,79335979,-1,75,0,3,1
prime.log says:
[Thu Mar 28 03:37:00 2019 - ver 29.4]
Getting assignment from server
PrimeNet success code with additional info:
Server assigned PRP work.
Got assignment (aid redacted): PRP M79335979
Sending expected completion date for M79335979: Apr 23 2020
PrimeNet success code with additional info:
WARNING: Estimated completion date is more than one year away.  The assignment may be reassigned to another user after one year.
The system had a low throttle setting for P-1. I've subsequently raised the throttle setting, from 20 to 35, so it should complete in well under a year.
Prime95 Test, Status is indicating completion in April 2020, but the worker window estimate is 87 days, on the client.

Per, as an exponent above 51828902, it should be a cat4 DC with up to 360 days to complete.
(Although, that page mentions LL tests but not PRP for first time test categories, and "LL and DC" but not PRP for category requirements. That page could use a rewrite to fully include PRP or generalize to primality test.) is indicating the assignment as a first time "PRP" test, cat 0, expiration 28 days from now, ETA April 2020, not work type PRP DC or a fitting expiration for that work type. shows it's a third PRP check of the exponent, although the first two are of differing PRP residue types 4 and 1, so it's probably a DC for one or the other. But it indicates the current assignment as "PRP test" not "PRP DC". (It would be good if the prime95 worker window title indicated which PRP residue type is being run, and first test or DC, but I don't think even v29.7 would indicate PRP residue type of a run or first vs. DC.)

Please check/fix the status of this assignment, and address how primenet seems to be treating a PRP DC/TC as a first PRP test for future assignments. Unless perhaps it's an issue with prime95 v29.4b8 somehow.

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