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Default The "I have too much junk sitting around and it needs to be sold" Thread

I have too much junk sitting around and it needs to be sold.

Pictures coming up in followup posts! If you want a specific part(s) out of anything listed, you're welcome to make an offer. Most of the stated prices are tentative, since I don't have a good idea of how much they are worth.

$200 - iPhone SE in mint condition, white/silver, 32 GB of storage. Comes with a Spigen Tough Armor case and an Omoton tempered glass screen protector. The current screen protector has small cracks in it because I'm bad at putting them on, but it works fine. If you want me to take off the old protector before I ship it, say something

$200 - Old PC used for gaming and personal use. 16 GB of DDR3, 1600 MHz; Quad core AMD A6-3620 processor, 2.2 GHz; 1 TB HDD; Asus GTX 660 Ti OC Edition; Antec 500W PSU. Unknown generic motherboard, and a fresh installation of Windows 10 (unless you want something else). The GPU really heats up the case, so I added an extra case fan and store the HDD in an empty optical bay or something that is a bit farther away from the heat (about 50°C for the bottom half of the case on full load for an extended period of time).

$75 for the good one, $70 for the weird one - 2 Samsung S24A300B 24 inch FHD monitors. One of them flickers after having been off for an extended period of time.

$325 - Dell S2417DG 24 inch QHD gaming monitor. Has Gsync compatibility, 165 Hz refresh rate, and 1 ms response time.

$70 - Corsair K63 wireless mechanical keyboard. Blue backlighting and Cherry MX Red keys. Tenkeyless design (no numpad).

$60 - Corsair K60 wired mechanical keyboard. No backlighting, Cherry MX Red keys, has a numpad. The original WASD keycaps show a bit of wear/rubbing off, but it has replacement contoured keycaps that are in good shape.

$70 - Logitech G710 wired mechanical keyboard. White backlighting, Cherry MX Blue keys (loud, snappy, satisfying clicks), and a numpad plus 6 programmable macro keys and 3 onboard gaming profiles.

$25 - Corsair M60 wired FPS mouse. 5200 DPI and tunable weights. It's got some wear on the DPI shift/sniper thumb button and thumb rest, and where your fingers touch the left/right buttons.

$45 - Cooler Master Elite 130 mini ITX case. It's really small, and kinda restrictive on what coolers you can put on your CPU (very short!). We never used it, because the cooler didn't fit

Everything is in perfect working condition, with few cosmetic issues except for where noted. Pictures tomorrow sometime soon!

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