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Default Porting my factorization applet to Android

Since tablets and smartphones which use the Android operating system cannot access Java applets, I decided to port my factorization applet to be an Android application as an exercise.

At this moment the application can factor numbers, but the batch mode is not ready yet.

The main problem, as expected, is the speed. For example, when factoring 1059+213 which is the product of two 30-digit prime numbers, my computer (a 2,53 GHz Core Quad) requires 17 seconds in 32-bit mode and 12 seconds in 64-bits mode when using a single thread. The Coby Kyros MID8048-4 (Cortex A5, 1 GHz) requires 3 minutes and a half to perform the same factorization.

Of course, using the Android NDK I will be able to optimize a lot the code, but I wanted first to use the same Java code in order to compare the execution times.
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