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If you have -march specified in your CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, e.g. -march=haswell, and your build machine does not support that (e.g. because it is -march=sandybridge), then some autoconfiguration tests go wrong. There is a related thread on the Arch User Repository.

Edit: Scrap the above, that would not explain why the clean clone works.
I do remember that they have moved to a Gitlab instance a while ago.
That should not affect the clones (an update like git remote set-url origin NEW_URL should suffice), but perhaps they did some non-straightforward export/import instead, changing the root revision's checksum, so the clones would not accept the new remote repo. I remember having had to re-clone some moved projects on such occasions, but I am not sure whether CADO-NFS was among those.

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