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Default CADO-NFS git pull doesn't appear to be sufficient

Note: The server in this case is remote.

I'm running into an interesting situation - I might have to send a note to the CADO-NFS Team!

I'm finding that "git pull" is not sufficient (even with "git reset --hard") for my installs. (I did include "make clean.")

(I think) all, but one, of my machines I updated so far with "git pull" have failed "make check" with:
445/581 Test #445: test_matpoly_u64k1 ...........................................***Exception: SegFault  0.51 sec

99% tests passed, 1 tests failed out of 581

Total Test time (real) = 963.03 sec

The following tests FAILED:
    445 - test_matpoly_u64k1 (SEGFAULT)
The one that passed "make check" wouldn't communicate properly with the server. I tried twice with a couple of the machines, before moving to clean cloning.

I have been having to start with a new clone to get a working install that passes "make check" and works with the server.

All comments welcome. . .
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