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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
CADO does use GMP, but if a new GMP version caused issues I seriously doubt they would be server issues. What CADO revision are you running?
It's an older development version:
$ git log
commit 8a1e278e3b8c0f8685148a2f046cfab931ce9a0e (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Emmanuel Thom´┐Ż <>
Date:   Mon Mar 8 17:31:10 2021 +0100

    update submodule (freebsd 13.0 has a new beta)
But, I think I've discovered that it is a client issue. I took down about half of my machines (the daytime only ones) and the server seems to be stable, although it's still handing out "tardy" slips. Perhaps tomorrow I can isolate a client.

But, I would think that a client should not be able to stop the server from functioning, at least not for an extended time.

BTW, I'm going to move these posts to a more appropriate thread in the CADO-NFS sub-forum.
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