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Originally Posted by PawnProver44 View Post
Likewise, there should be infinitely many primes q such that 15*q-4, 15*q-2, 15*q+2, 15*q+4, are all prime. Still don't know how to prove this.
well a possible start would be to show all the cases possible

q=2,3,6x-1,6x+1 and what each is equivalent to.

case q=2:

all parts are even so the result would be even so q=2 fails to meet the requirements


produces 49 for the last one so q=3 is out.


produces : 90x-19, 90x-17,90x-13,90x-11


produces: 90x+11,90x+13,90x+17,90x+19

now you need to show that for any x values that these are all prime create primes 6x+1 or 6x-1 or both infinitely often. x must already be of a certain form for 6x-1 or 6x+1 to be composite so prove infinitely often that these forms are not met ?

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