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I was using the eVGA SLI motherboard. The HTT multi was 3 (actually set to 600 MHz but same thing). I dont know what the exact system temp was, but I think it was under 50. The CPU temp was < 25 definitely.

Since I posted, I tried setting the chipset voltage to 1.6, and running the CPU at 1.55, with the same settings. The same thing happened, hang then crash.

I moved my CPU to my "old" motherboard, an MSI Neo2 Platinum, and tried similar things to test the HTT. It seems to max out at 230, which is even worse. Even with RAM set at DDR200.

Basically I am thinking that it is the memory controller inside the CPU that is giving me the troubles, and hoping that when I get my Opteron 148 this week it will work much better due to the better memory controller. Does that sound right?

Thanks for the feedback in the mean time!
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