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Default Hardware Failures at different FFT lengths?

What do failures at various FFTs generally mean when overclocking?

I was overclocking with my CPU, RAM, and CPU HT way under stock speeds, trying to max out the HTT on my motherboard. I was running one instance of Prime95 on an small FFT test, and one instance of Prime95 on a large FFT test. The large FFT test failed as I got to a certain HTT, but the 8k test did not fail. Given the fact that both RAM and CPU were way below stock speeds, does this failure, and the fact that my system froze soon after, mean that I exceeded the maximum HTT that my board will run at?

I was running an AMD 64 3500+ at 1600Mhz, DDR400 at about DDR266, and the HT frequency was set at 600 Mhz as the base. The HTT was at about 245 when the failure happened and then the system freeze.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

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