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Default A request for assistance on a very interesting problem...

So... I find myself in a very interesting situation...

All my instrumentation tells me everything should be working perfectly. And it does when testing.

But it doesn't /seem/ to /always/ when at "scale". Doing a particular thing.

Unfortunately, this scaling can't be simulated. There have to be "Humans in the loop".

Specifically, 20 or so Humans all holding Android phones, all sharing the same WiFi network, all at the same time. All trying to do the same thing at once...

I was wondering if there might be anyone out there who might have a class of undergraduates who might be willing to spend 30 minutes of their day (to be scheduled; perhaps after a lecture) to help debug a very interesting problem.

I can't go into a whole lot of details. Please PM me if you (or someone you know) might be able to assist and I can share more.

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