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The computational power becomes cheaper.
The storage price doesn't, - it remains relatively flat.
What's more, storage price compounds, it is what OEIS will continue paying continuously year after year.

This is exactly why sequences that cost less than a second to compute should be kept virtual. Every sequence contains "PROG" section. -- A cooking recipe that can be run to make a cake. Or a pizza. Why do pizza shops make pizzas on order? Why don't they make 10,000 of them and store them? "What if someone needs 10,000 pizzas at once?"

Some sequences are like pizza. Having a 100 terms (with a stretch, ok, a 1000) is useful for the "search" function, but more is wasteful. Some sequences are like diamonds: they have e.g. 11 terms and computing the 12th will take a skilled person a month and an unskilled person forever. Those are of value and have a special keyword: "more".

A good rule of thumb: If a sequence doesn't have keyword "more" (or even more so, has "easy"!), then it doesn't need more terms!
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