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OK, my initial relation-sampling was over too small a region; I'm seeing roughly one relation per Q for

n: 898577600957458082817012215882165508563668653664358493738893522466409221942746665068993028034375228782419911153278586365513991645861651135664033105687400260471070947660690029466178073221007827086032497462411095795403425738745977703024509992798576951889223184161
skew: 1
c4: 1
c3: -1
c2: 1
c1: -1
c0: 1
Y1: -71558092601766452430641106302905217344934236440122960529002115744
Y0: 187341518601536966291015050946540312701895836604078191803255601777
lpbr: 33
lpba: 31
mfbr: 96
mfba: 62
rlambda: 3.4
alambda: 2.4
rlim: 250000000
alim: 200000000
in the Q=150M..400M range, which would imply sieving 150M..700M to get something plausible, and it's sieving very slowly on my hardware (absolute best time is 2.5 seconds per relation) - I think this is too big for _fs. Thank you for the ECM, but I think this one will have to wait for cheaper computrons.
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