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As far as I can see, there are only four aliquot sequences below 1000000 which never reached 140 digits:
15390 (reserved by yafu@home, last update 31.03.2020),
62820 (Batalov, 27.03.2019),
780576 (Batalov, 11.03.2019),
407232 (johnadam74, 27.04.2019).

Among them, only the first one is actively developed. The other three were not continued for almost a year and look abandoned.

I think it would be great to reach a threshold of 140 digits for all sequences below 1e6. The last three sequences may either be unreserved, so someone else will be able to pick them up. Or Serge, you can continue with your two sequences till 140 digits. I suspect, that should not take too long.

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