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Default P-1 with 20GB is slower than 16GB

After a couple days at 20GB of RAM instead of 16GB I am seeing:

- 960 relative primes INSTEAD of 480 relative primes
- same GhzDays credit
- BUT it is not taking a little longer. With a total of 480 RPs stage 2 was taking almost exactly 1 minute per RP. i.e. if it was doing 60 RPs it took 60 minutes. But with a total of 960 RPs it is taking MORE THAN 2 minutes per RP. i.e. if it is doing 60 RPs it is taking about 135 minutes and so the entire P-1 is taking longer overall.

Seems odd that I am slowing down with MORE RAM.

NOTE a typical assignment is:


Hold the presses...

After a more formal and official calculation it seems it made not enough difference to measure yet...

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