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Replying to myself again... it seems like nobody talks to me anymore

Mister 45792 (or is is Ms? Or Mrs, better!) gave use heart palpitations, when, after the Tibetan Plateau where it didn't want to raise and it didn't want to fall for what it seemed to us to be a million terms, we were expecting to see the Everest, but actually it got the DD and it went down...

Then, it lost the DD exactly at index 1400 (!) and it went through a lot of changes from 2^2 to 2^3 to 2^4, even tapped into 2^9, but then it ended up with 2^3*5 guide.

We said "well, that was it".

But it still surprised us, when it lost the guide after just 4 steps, in quite an unexpected way. We knew from the past that you can lose the G3 without squaring the 5 (see also my former post about losing D3 in a similar way) but we didn't see it yet, in our reservations, and it was a time when we worked a lot of D3 sequences just because they used to "scary" the people off.. (see our former discussions with Frank, when we joined the aliquot club here on this forum).

(by the way, where is Frank? He didn't post for ages, and we didn't see him around too much for more than 6 months, did he win his lottery and forgot about us? )

Now, Mrs. 45792 has a 2^3 with no tail, and we really love this, almost as much as we love the DD. That is because this is like a "second DD", (like the "deputy sheriff" hehe). Because 2^3 with no tail of 3 or 5 can not get a 3 or a 5 attached to it, until it gets rid of the third power of 2. And because of that, 2^3 goes usually down, not as fast as the DD, but yet, we love it more than 2^2, for example (where 3 and 5 can come and go as they please).

It could be quite nice to see a 5-starter termination, we didn't see one in ages...

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