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Default How to report P-1 results

At the risk of looking like I don't know what I'm doing, can someone clarify for me exactly how I should be doing this P-1 stuff?
  1. Grab a list of ~50 exponents, put them in worktodo.ini (I got this part, so far so good )
  2. When they're done, copy-paste the lines from results.txt that look like
    UID: S130260/C13C71069, M12769543 completed P-1, B1=75000, B2=1368750, WZ1: 4A7CEA4F
    into here:
    I think... Can someone confirm this for me?
Should "Use PrimeNet to get work and report results" be disabled when I'm doing P-1 testing? I assume so since I got several messages overnight that looked like:
[Tue May 18 05:48:28 2004 - ver 23.8]
Sending text message to server:
UID: S130260/C13C71069, M12772909 completed P-1, B1=75000, B2=1368750, WZ1: 4A78E9AC
Sending result to server for exponent 12772909
ERROR 3: Exponent not assigned to this computer.
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