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Originally Posted by James Heinrich
It seems far less automated than I had hoped

I look forward to the time when it's an integrated part of the client itself
(1) It's actually mostly a deficit in the server. The PrimeNet server has not had the capability to hand out P-1 (only) assignments, so there was no point in having the Prime95 client offer to get P-1 (only) assignments.

(2) When Prime95 was originally written, it did not include any capability to perform P-1 (or ECM) factoring. The only factoring method it offered was "trial factoring", and none of the messages bothered to include the qualifier "trial" -- so all messages referred to simply "factoring" or "factor". Later, when P-1 and ECM factoring were added, the existing messages were not changed, so an unqualified "factor" or "factoring" still meant only trial factoring, but the user is not explicitly informed of this by the documentation.

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