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OK, I managed to finish both the stuck c99 and c112, and I have a theory about what was going wrong.

First, my girlfriend shut down the computer/closed the window/whatever during some filtering run. As the process was killed in action, the files spairs.out, something.add and so on failed to get deleted, and the jobfiles remained untouched. I restarted aliqueit, and sieving was carried out once again on the same spot, resulting in loads of duplicates. For some reason, msieve didn't like to be fed with the same stuff over and over, and threw up by dint of the merge attempts error. After this, the perlscript still didn't clean up all the mess, which I had to do manually. So, I deleted

-spairs.out which was huge
-*.add (forgot the name)
- the job.T1 and job.T2 files

and adjusted the job file to some higher range. From now, everything went fine. Yet, I don't know if the new, last sieving run was indeed necessary or if a minuscule chunk would have been enough to put things in order again.

Thanks for your help again, pals, I will just post the logfiles (with annotations inside), so you can confirm of reject my theory... I wonder if something can be easily implemented into the perlscript or aliqueit in order to go around this kind of annoying behaviour.

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