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Originally Posted by thechickenman View Post
Let me be more specific.

v5 says there's a bunch of numbers in the 91M range only at 2^56, and they're unassigned.
Say, I want to take them to 2^62.

Is there an easy way to turn the server's data into a worktodo file similar to the old decomp method?
First of all, you don't really want that range:

Originally Posted by Graff View Post
With my current range nearing completion, I'm going to take
91-92M to 2^63. ETA is mid-December.

(You may want to read the entire thread.)

Now, to direct your forces elsewhere, proceed as follows:

Using the Factoring Limits report, find exponents of interest. Be sure to check the "Print simple text report" checkbox. (Example)

Copy & Paste the list of exponents to your favourite text editor. Insert "Factor=" at the start of each line and replace the trailing comma with how deep you want to factor. Regular expressions make this easier: Replace "^" with "Factor=" and ",$" with ",64" (for example).

Save as worktodo.add or paste into your worktodo.txt. Start Prime95 and let it register the assignments. If any were not available, you will end up with lines containg "N/A" in your worktodo.txt. If that is the case, stop Prime95 and remove these. Start it again, do a Manual Comm to send completion dates, and wait for your range to finish...
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